Peg rail and wardrobe update

I have wanted one of these wooden peg rails since forever, but never got around to hanging one and I’m so happy I finally did ! The one you see in my bedroom is from Iris Hantverk (sold at Arket)* and is made out of birchwood. Iris Hantverk products are made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen in Stockholm, which I think is so cool. I love their brushes as well and am eyeing their bath brush* at the moment.

With spring around the corner I have also made a slight update to my wardrobe. In this weather, you still need warm clothes, but I got so tired of all the black and grey in my wardrobe that I got this colorful blue wool scarf*  and a nude leather crossbody bag.

In my interior I like to keep things in a very neutral color palette, and this goes in line with what I’m wearing most of the time, but I like to add a little more color in my wardrobe then in my home. How about you, do you dress in the same style as your interior ?

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