On Presidents’ Day weekend I had the privilege to go to the Saint George parade of homes.
The weather was beautiful, and when I came back north, the weather was gorgeous it was in the 60s.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief, I was finally like “Yes winter is over!” We’ve had a lot of snow this year!  I was ready for a new warmer start.  Literally two days later it dumped about 18 inches of snow in our yard and it has a barely melted this week!!
My friends I am ready for spring to come!! So ready that today I’m going to share with you what we’ve been doing to get ready!  
A little more back story:  we built our deck the very summer that we bought the house, even before remodeling anything inside because truly the best part about our whole house (in my opinion) is our backyard with a huge full-grown trees and a lot of space and green – it just makes me happy, and it is not typical in this desert of Utah to have such a lush space!
If you’re facing our deck on the left side we have an area that is about 8′ x 10′.  When we planned the deck, the goal was to create a big U-shaped bench or sectional couch for this area so that people can just kind of congregate and talk and enjoy this outdoor space…   (forgive the state of the deck wood, we have had the WORST luck in the world with deck stain!!  We literally just used this 5 year product at the end of last JULY!  And it is all completely ruined… UGH!  We will have to strip it all off and start over soon!)
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 1
Well?!!   We’ve had our deck for three years and there is no awesome couch!! (story of my life)
So, we FINALLY decided to build one and the fun part is that this month we get to partner with Better Homes and Garden’s line at Walmart to stage the space.  We did a little shopping and planned the whole sofa unit around their super affordable outdoor cushions.
Today I’ll show you how it is looking and in a couple weeks we will have a full  building tutorial for the sofa!
You can see the empty space above.   I had this blue rug in my storage unit, it is technically not outdoor, so I need to find one that I love…. My mind will be working on that.  We moved out the first sofa and truly it is so exciting and great, I just can’t handle it!
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 3
The sofa/daybed design, is super low profile, I didn’t want it too tall and blocking the view of the yard or kids playing.  Also, I REALLY wanted to try something modern and amazing… I am pretty sure we struck gold in this one.  The cushions are from Better Homes and Garden’s for Walmart line.  I decided to keep it super neutral in color because I change out pillows/rugs and accessories colors OFTEN!  I don’t want to be stuck with anything too bright that doesn’t easily change!
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 2
We brought out the second sofa to create a sectional sofa, but the beauty is they can be together or apart, and both ways they function perfectly!  In fact my husband had no sooner put the sofa down than he had to test it out..
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 6
Now, I just need the leaves to come back and I will be completely overjoyed!  (best part is when we aren’t using the cushions we can slide them under the sofa and keep them a bit more protected from the elements… or neighbor’s cats!)
 We don’t have seat back “cushions” we opted for throw pillows.  I particularly love this one, I couldn’t find the direct link but they had some other cool outdoor sets here
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 1
I like the grouping in the corner.  With a chenille throw for the nights that are a little cold still!
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 10
We still need to actually pot the plants, (but it is too cold for them outside over night) so they will have to come in and I will wait a little longer to get them properly potted.  I love these lightweight containers also from the Better Homes and Garden line for Walmart!
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 9
Lastly, I thought it would be fun to pull out our pallet wood blanket ladder to give some interest to the back of the house.
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 11
Time to head inside… I’m looking forward to tomorrow though! 
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 8
 Okay one more shot, just from my cell-  because technically night time after the kids are in bed is prime deck time! 
Better Homes And Gardens For Walmart Cushions @remodelaholic 1

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