Now Available: Free Language Classes for Travelers

Now Available: Free Language Classes for Travelers

At Rick Steves’ Europe, we have two things in abundance: a passion for providing practical information for better travels, and talented people on our staff. And you’ll see what I mean at, where you can watch more than 60 travel classes for free.

Here’s some big news: Our latest free, streaming travel videos are…language classes! If you’ll be traveling to lands where people speak German, French, Italian, or Spanish (or just want to hone your language skills a bit because it’s fun), grab your favorite travel partner, pour yourselves an appropriate beverage, and join us for a fast-moving and instructive hour.

We offer travel classes throughout the year at our Edmonds headquarters, and this is our chance to send our great teachers into your world. Good luck — or perhaps I should say, “Viel Glück…bonne chance…in bocca al lupo…buena suerte!”