Styling: Bek Sheppard - Photography: Reuben Gates

Styling: Bek Sheppard – Photography: Reuben Gates

I’m calling it – this is Ninnho’s best collection yet! ‘Forever Ninnho‘ encapsulates two collections, ‘Diamonds‘ and ‘Skulls‘ which both draw upon gorgeous rosy tones, precious jewels and luxury. The collection was inspired by Antoinette Ferwerda’s original painting titled ‘King’s Jester’, painted and exhibited in 2014 during her solo exhibition in Melbourne. 

Diamonds‘ was inspired by Antionette’s interest in precious stone formations and it’s linear pattern reflects light with it’s rosey gold sheen. A timeless colour palette in warm gold and soft grey.

Skull design took months to perfect and the textural detail from my mixed media painting is expressed beautifully in this woven design.  Subtle and enigmatic, it’s my sentimental, favourite artwork to share with you.” says Antoinette. 

Available now.. so go grab yourself some of these beautiful soft and gorgeously designed beauties!

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