Earlier this week I went to visit my Danish friend Louise who lives in the most fantastic house in the village of Remmarlövs in the heart of the Skåne countryside. Louise is a life coach, a lecturer on job satisfaction, flirting and communication and holds workshops in her home which she shares with her husband Johan, children Iris and Walter, ten chickens and two cats. The property was built in 1830 and started life as the village school and housed the village sauna in the basement.  It was converted to a private resident forty years ago. Today high ceilings and large windows flood the rooms with light and in the winter a large fireplace and classic Swedish masonry oven help to keep the house warm.  ‘Our main focus has been to create a welcoming home, where old and young alike can relax and have fun’ Louise tells me.  The space is filled with vintage, antique and Scandinavian designer piece as well art and quirky touches collected over time. Look closely and you’ll see a little mouse on a picture frame or a miniature tea set. I couldn’t resist taking my camera along to take a few snapshots with you!

Photography Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. Styling Tina Lekeberg.

Isn’t it such a wonderful home? That cat seems to love it too – although he looks a bit tired of me taking his photo?!

Recently, the family decided to head off in search of new adventures on the other side of the Öresund (i.e. Denmark) and the house will go on the market next week (watch this space!). I asked her what she’d miss most about their home: ‘Oh, lots! The beauty, the light, the big rooms, the old apple trees, the churchyard, the view, the atmosphere…I totally love this house and realise I will never live like this again. I have enjoyed every single day here.’

Get the look from Johan and Louise’s lovely house: paintings by Karen Broos (you can see the Swedish artist’s own home here, also a converted school!), Haruko Maeda and Sarah Becker

Thank you for inviting me over Louise, what a great day!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PS I’ve just arrived in Milan – very excited. Tips welcome! 

PPS I’ve been busy updating my office for spring this week and will be sharing a few snapshots tomorrow if you’d like to stop by! And a small reminder: don’t miss out on the limited edition Palm Print give-away (it only takes a mo!).