Ok friends! Lets talk pens! I get so many questions about the pens that I use and today I’ve got a short list of my most favorite pens. While I will use just about anything in my work, these are a handful of the pens that I literally use every single day!

1. Uni- Ball White Signo Pen is my ALL TIME FAVORITE white pen (at least for now). The Uni-Ball Signo is a gel pen that is smooth, bright and has very clean lines. They are archival, water and fade resistant. They are VERY opaque which means they work really well on dark surfaces.

2. I really love the Posca White Paint Pens They are super opaque and will work on pretty much any surface. I love using them when I am working over the top of acrylic paint on canvas.

3. Sakura Gelli Roll White Gel Pen is another favorite white pen, especially when I am adding tiny details. It’s creamy, has great flow and it’s waterproof! I love using this pen when I am drawing on black paper or when I am adding white details or highlights to the tops of watercolors.

4. I pretty much love any kind of Sharpie but I do like using a White Sharpie Paint Pen for working a alternative surfaces. Oil based paint pens are great for drawing on painted canvas, painted fabric, wood and layered art journal pages.

5. A Sharpie ultra fine point pen is my most favorite drawing pen. All that line work, all those drawings and details that I do is usually created with a fine point sharpie. I always have a variety of Sharpies (or permanent markers) on hand- they are probably the most important tool that I use because because a Sharpie is so versatile.

6. I always like to have a variety of different sized Sharpies on hand. A fine point Sharpie is my next favorite black pen to use and enables me to create different lines when I am drawing.

7. The Sakura Micron Pens are another staple in my life. Microns are not cheap but I really appreciate their quality. I use them for adding fine lines and details to different surfaces. The best part is that they are permanent which means you can paint right over the top of them and they won’t bleed or smear.

What about you guys? Anyone out there have a drawing pen that you love?


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