I love taking these quiet breaks away from my desk and the dining area is a perfect spot for it. I tend to fall into the trap of spending such long hours in front of my computer, with my productivity decreasing over time without noticing. I find that a small break resets your brain and you are able to start a new session at your computer which is just so much more productive. 

The dining area is my favorite part of my home so far and even though it’s still missing a pendant light, which would complete the look of this space, it’s the most finished area in my home and the one where I most enjoy spending my time. I love interchanging the print above the cupboard (currently I have my Black Beach art print there) and playing around with the decor and details on both the cupboard and the window sill. I’m still so in love with my Confetti vases from Arket* which contrast so nicely with the black in the print and the pink in the orchid flower I have there. The Confetti pattern is so perfect for spring as well and I love the playful touch it adds to the decor.

My oak seed stopped growing, as I think it has reached its limits of how tall it can get while being in water, but I think I will keep it in the vase as it has a perfect size for this spot in the window.

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