A little while ago, Flemish design duo Muller Van Severen designed Match for Reform, where they implemented their signature material – the durable and wax-like polyethylene traditionally used in cutting boards – with playful brass handles and a lush countertop for an extraordinary kitchen design available in six bold, yet nuanced colors. 

Match has since been a real eye-catcher in the interior world and I thought I would share this apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where they combined the colourful Reform design with a statement kitchen floor in a small, yet functional space. The owners of this beautiful apartment had set their mind on a kitchen in natural materials, but upon seeing the Match design when it came out, they changed their plans and decided to do something fun and characterful for their Berlin apartment.

Even though the other rooms in their home are a bit calmer, they were guided by the design of the kitchen for the adjacent dining area, which features a bold green round dining table and a green wall lamp from Valérie Objects, also designed by Muller Van Severen.

In addition to the functional kitchen setup with Ikea elements, they went with a storage solution from Dieter Rams, which contrasts the playful look of the kitchen perfectly in my opinion. I also really like they way the red and white tiles go over into the wooden flooring of the living room, which is another eye-catching feature in this space.




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