Gray and brown are known as neutral colors. As like black and white, gray and brown can be combined to fill in a room. Gray will give an extravagant, minimalist, and luxury feeling. While brown color can add the warm feeling in a room. It is a nice color combination that you can get for any room, especially a living room. A living room with gray and brown on it will attract your guests’ interest. Here are some marvelous gray and brown living room that will inspire you to have a nice color combination for a living room.

Patterned Features for Minimalist Furniture

This room is so interesting, it works with a neutral color palette. This living room has a brown sofa, a gray armchair, a white armchair, and a glass coffee table.  To decorate this living room, a patterned area rug, pillows, and unique table lamps are added.

A Minimalist Living Room Design

This is a large minimalist open concept living room. It has a gray sectional with some gray pillows, gray floor, brown textured wall, and a brown ottoman.

Furniture Pieces in Gray and Brown Colors

Gray and brown furniture pieces are shown in this living room. The exclusive gray sofa, a brown leathered armchair, and a brown ottoman are placed nicely in this small living room. The yellow curtain gives fresh color in this room.

Warm Gray and Brown Living Room

This is another yummy example of gray and brown living room. In this case, the gray sofas and gray area rug are very warm. The brown cabinet has a textured surface on it.

An Open Concept Living Room

This contemporary living room has room features with a neutral color palette. It also gets a lot of light from the windows. The stone wall makes a good wall accent.

Gray and Brown Area Rug

You can have a big brown sectional, a gray armchair, two gray ottomans, and glass coffee table. The gray and brown rug increase the color tone in this living room. To have more luxury in the living room, you can install elegant chandeliers.

A Trendy Living Room

Gray and brown living room can be made by adding a brown leathered couch in a living room that has gray walls and gray floor tile. A brown artwork and cowhide rug make the room trendy.

A Custom Gray and Brown Sectional

A large gray and brown custom sectional and console table divide the family room from the kitchen. The colorful pillows add a sense of fun in this living room to be more casual.

Minimalist Furniture

This gray and brown living room features dark brown walls, a gray sofa, a gray couch, a white coffee table, large gray carpet, and ribbon fireplace. The minimalist furniture design is really suitable for a living room.

A Gray and Brown Living Room Style

This living room has a brown sofa, two armchairs, brown couch, a round glass coffee table, polished plaster, exposed brick wall, and curtains. The features give a unique style to this living room.