handmade clay keychains

handmade clay keychains

I recently broke my favourite keychain.  It had huge sentimental value so I couldn’t even think about replacing it with anything else. I decided to go without a keychain but do you think I could ever find my keys?! Nope. I love big tote style bags so finding keys in there without a keychain is almost impossible.

Once I realised that I couldn’t do without, I decided to make myself a keychain.  I went for a handmade clay keychain that was fairly chunky so that I could easily find my keys.  I played with the idea of making different geometric shapes like triangles and squares but in the end, I liked the round ones the best.

These handmade clay keychains are easy to make and I love the simple and minimal granite look.  If you already have a keychain you love, you can always add this to your existing bunch of keys or you can make them and give them away as cute little gifts.

how to make clay keychains

Handmade clay keychains

white polymer clay (US readers find it here)
cookie cutter (or any round cutter approx 5cm or 2inch dia)
wooden skewer
granite effect spray paint (US readers find it here)
faux suede cord or any thin cord (US readers can find similar here)
keychain rings (optional)

1. Break a chunk of your clay, soften it in your hands and form in to a ball.
2. Roll out the ball with a rolling pin till it’s about 3-4mm thick – you don’t want it too thin.
3. Take your cookie cutter or similar and cut out circles for each keychain
4. Using your skewer, make a hole at the top of each circle. The hole needs to be big enough to get the cord through.
5. Bake the clay circles as per the instructions.
6. Allow to cool and then sand any rough edges so that the circles are smooth.
7. Spray with the granite spray and leave to dry thoroughly (about 24-36 hours).
8. Attach your cord and/or your keychain ring (see photo above), add your keys and your granite keychain is ready.

Here’s a short video showing how I made the keychains:

You can of go for bigger or smaller rounds or you can even experiment with different shapes and different coloured clay.  I’m tempted to try an extra large version of these circles because then I’d never lose my keys in my handbag or anywhere!

handmade clay keychains

polymer clay keychain ideas

handmade clay keychains

Do you think you’ll make these handmade clay keychains?  Will you stick with the minimal look or do you prefer to go with a bit of colour?

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