Long Lines at Alcázar, Sevilla

There are two IQs of European travelers: those who wait in lines, and those who don’t. This year I’ve noticed that many of the greatest sights in Europe are attracting more visitors than they can physically contain. Online booking is getting extremely easy, and sights are simply turning their backs on those who show up with no pre-purchased ticket. In my Spain guidebook, I have decided to no longer explain how to try (and likely fail) to get a ticket on the day of your visit. I am writing up certain sights as if the only way you can get in is to pay and book online, well in advance. For 90 percent of the sights, this is unnecessary, and there’s no problem at all. But for the sights you traveled to that destination to see — the Alhambra (Granada), the Picasso Museum and the Sagrada Família church (Barcelona), Dalí’s home (Cadaqués), the Alcázar (here in Sevilla) — you have a choice: be organized, think in advance, take five minutes to go online and book your ticket…or show up, wait several hours, and maybe not get in. Again, there are two IQs of European travelers. Don’t be stupid!

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