A Color scheme in your living room will make a nice appearance and interest. You should make sure that the color you choose is suitable and may be one of your favorite colors. Brown is the color of wood and earth. it is a neutral color that can stimulate the appetite and healing. The brown furniture and wall paint may be a way to make a great brown living room, but you can also add some colors that suit the brown color scheme well. The following are some brown living room that will inspire you to make a great space.

An Open Concept Living Room

A brown color scheme is really suitable for an open concept room. The scheme really blends with nature around. This room features medium tone wood floor and windows maximizing for views.

Brown Leather Chairs

This brown living room has the white accent that is from the rug, ceiling, fireplace mantel, and windows. The brown leather chairs look so comfortable. The clear glass table makes the brown and white rug visible. It will be a nice place to relax and interesting living room for your guests.

A Bright Living Room

Do you want a bright living room? This is absolutely the answer. the room has a combination of a dark brown sofa, two dark brown coffee tables, light brown wood floor, and light brown wood wall. The wood beams make a ceiling accent.

Multiple Seating Areas

A set of neutral color furniture can brighten your brown living room. it has multiple seating areas for a big family and your guests that can make them very comfy.

A Mountain Style Home

This large mountain style home has medium tone wood for the floor, wall, and the vaulted ceiling. A brown patterned rug is placed under a big coffee table and sofas.

A Cozy Living Room

Beside a brown sofa or an armchair, you can set a window seat with colorful cushion and pillows. It will lighten your brown living room. The view that you can get from the wide glass windows near the window seat makes it cozy.

Brown Color Theme

This classic brown living room has red accent touch from the red pillows, flowers arrangement, and red curtains. If you don’t like the red, you can use a different color.

Brown Painted Walls

The brown color is the perfect backdrop for the rum and furnishings. The natural light from the window bathes the room so it doesn’t feel dark. The white crown molding, brighter furniture, and light Persian rug add the airy feel.

A Gorgeous Living Room

This large room features brown furniture, wood floor, and wood ceiling. You can try this mixed brown chairs & sofa with side tables.

Wooden Theme

This formal living room is very spacious. It keeps the wooden theme for the floor, wall, and its ceiling. You will love the color and feel of this space, very cozy and warm. Even though this room features brown patterned sofas and armchair, it still looks formal with the wood framed glass tables.