Ooohhh, these look simply divine!

Churro French Toast Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cafe Delites:

“Who says you can’t have an ice cream sandwich…for breakfast? Not me. Crispy, buttery Churro french toast sandwiches with your choice of ice cream or frozen yogurt for one of the best breakfasts I think I’ve ever posted on this blog. In my defence…my children are on school break. “

“And this is your cheat meal recipe of the week. And who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast recipes anyway? What about a breakfast version of a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich? What about those of us who are counting points or calories. Or those of us that can’t be bothered with donut dough, piping bags and deep frying?”

“Sandwich those Churros together with the ice cream and watch your ice cream melt in a puddle of cinnamon sugar heaven. You’re welcome.”