One of the most important thing that crochet jewelry lovers want to know is how to take care of crochet jewelry.
Mercerized cotton jewelry, is very rewarding to be worn but sadly it does get dirty if worn frequently, and the dirtiness shows especially if it is made in light colors.
I filmed a short video how to wash a necklace, and for the video I used the above necklace which I have had for 6 years now and wear it almost every week. I am quite proud with it because it doesn’t show any signs of wear or tear after so many years.
Now the video is without any sound. I removed it because I didn’t like the acoustics in my bathroom, and please note that I am not a brute although I look like a savage washing the poor thing. The explanation – although I think the video is self-explanatory – is below the video.

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Washing crochet jewelry:
1. Let your crochet jewelry (necklace) soak in warm water for a couple of minutes.
2.Then add a drop of shampoo. I love using hair shampoo because it makes the piece extra soft, but add just a small drop because it lathers much. Gently massage the crochet pieces – in this case the flowers and leaves.

3. When done, rinse thoroughly.
4. Press it to get excess of water out.
What the video doesn’t show is that after being washed, I use a nice fluffy towel onto which I lay the necklace and cover it with the towel so that it collects all the remaining water. I tap it gently and leave for about 15 minutes and then change a new (dry) towel onto which I leave the necklace to air dry.
A very important thing to have in mind is that if your crochet piece has any metal parts, you should immediately dry those parts and even use the hairdryer to dry it faster because it might ruin your jewelry. The necklace shown above has no metal parts. The rings are plastic but they pose no danger. Also if you have any wooden parts, above tip should be followed (as for the metal parts).
A beautiful quality cotton yarn has is that it gets sturdy when dried so you don’t need to iron it at all. I always pay attention when laying it to dry  that no leaves nor flowers are bent or squeezed,  so that I won’t have to iron it when done.
Hope this was helpful. If you have any other tips, please share in the comments.

The pattern for this necklace is here.

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