How to make a stamp out of an eraserHow to make a stamp out of an eraser! This is such a fun, quick craft that you can do in an hour or so; I used this as a method to cover up an old stain but it’s fun to do as a regular embellishment, on papercrafts, or to create DIY clothing labels.

tiny stamp design diy

I designed a set of little drawings that fit perfectly on these erasers, they will be released as a part of a mending e-book I’m working on that will release in October; sign up for my newsletter to hear about it! But you can follow this tutorial with a freehand design without any issues, no need for a pattern print-out.

covering a stain with a stamp tutorial

Here you can see my sleeve’s before and after! It went from an ugly, immovable spot to a cute little detail.

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diy eraser stamp

how to make a stamp out of an eraser



Step 1- Use your paper and sketch out a design! You can draw directly on erasers of course, but I find it gets weird trying to erase on an eraser when you’re perfecting a design. Hold it up to a window to make sure it will fit, then gently trace over it and fill it in.

Step 2- Use your pencil eraser or whatever is handy to gently rub on the design, centered on the stamp.

how to carve a stamp from an eraser

Step 3- When you flip it over, the pencil will have transferred. Now is this time to carve around it! You can use either tool, one just give you a bit more precison. At the top I have a blank proper stamp ready to be carved, for scale.

Step 4- Test it on scrap fabric! See if there are any adjustments needed.

hand carved stamp tutorial

Step 5- For the real deal, make sure there is cardboard underneath or in between layers, and stamp away! Heat set with your iron and a pressing cloth if directed by the ink you’re using, and you’re ready to rock!

Let me know what motif you might use on a diy eraser stamp; this is a great craft with older kids too.

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