How to create your own vertical green oasis in your home

They are an ingenious form of enjoying abundant vegetation both inside and outside the house. Do you want to know how to set up such a green area? We will show you all the secrets…
Fortunately, the possibilities of setting up your own garden are infinite, the only limit being represented by your imagination.
Here are some very aesthetic ideas of suspended or vertically positioned gardens that we will describe so that it is easy to reconstitute the process in your own home.

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Vertical gardens made of wooden panels

A simple option for building a support to decorate with green plants is the use of several wooden boards tied with string. This will keep them suspended, fixed only on a wooden base. On the shelves, we can place more pots of plants and flowers, but we have to pay attention to the weight that the suspended shelves can carry. Such a construction will look spectacular if it comes into contact with natural light.

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Pallets, always a practical solution

Building a vertical garden with pallets may be more demanding, but its complexity really makes it spectacular. You can choose between various types of wall panels to place pots or jardiniere made from different parts of the pallets.

Both variants fit both in the interior of an outdoor garden and in the arrangement of a green corner inside the house.

Fern gardens

You can offer an exotic look to your small vertical gardens by adding in smaller or larger doses, common tropical-like plants, such as the fern.

You can use it to fill larger spaces in the wall or to create smaller, concentrated gardens. Whatever you want to use, this plant will ensure a wild atmosphere in your home.

Vertical gardens in square brackets

As orderly as they seem, they will be so inspiring that these gardens will be perfect and colorful. Their typically square shape may vary in size depending on the wall it covers, but it will never be outlined by size, but by the complexity of the plants that decorate it. Typically, very resistant plants are chosen, which have a high storage capacity for water and nutrients inside.

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If you liked our proposals and convinced you what the benefits of such a living space are, prepare for a fresh wave that will invade your garden, balcony or home. You can find more ideas in the photo gallery that we have prepared for you.