Scandinavian style decor

Scandinavian style decor

Love Scandinavian style decor?  Then my latest home tour of this stunning apartment will inspire you. There is so much to see in this Scandi home and lots of decor ideas that we can use in our own homes.

This apartment looks large because of all the windows and the way it’s been decorated but in reality it’s approx 900 sq ft / 84 sq m so not really that big.  But as always the Scandi’s make the best use of the space they have, keeping both function and aesthetics in mind.

how to decorate with grey and beige

mix grey and beige in a room

grey and white dining room scandinavian

Lets start with the colour scheme of this living room and dining room.  There’s a lot of interior advice out there which says you shouldn’t mix cool and warm colours in a room.  However this living room has combined grey and beige and it all comes together.  As long as you stick to neutrals, you can make warm and cool colours work together.  The trick is to have one as the dominant colour and the other used much more sparingly.  In this living room the cool grey dominates with the walls, rug and furniture whereas the warm beige has been used as an accent colour.

Before you even look at the decor, this room is stunning with all those big windows.  I love that the window coverings are sheer and some windows have no covering which really allows the windows to shine and let in lots of light. A lot of Scandinavian homes opt for windowless curtains where possible, to maximise natural light.

There is so much to admire in this room but the next thing that struck me is the lighting.  The lights in this room have clearly been chosen for impact and function.  Whenever you look at homes in Scandinavian style decor you always find really well chosen, stand-out lighting.  And it’s not just this room – statement lighting has been used throughout the home as you can see from the pics.  Using lighting as a feature is a great way to transform a room and can really make a room come together.

There’s lots of layering and texture in this room which makes if feel cosy and inviting.  Linen curtains, shaggy rug, fabric lights, woollen throws and ceramics all add the to the warmth of this space and of course lots of plants.

black kitchen cabinets with white marble countertops

modern black Scandinavian kitchen

How stunning is this black kitchen? The black kitchen cabinets paired with the white marble countertops looks so stylish. Contrasting the black base units with white marble and white wall cabinets softens the look perfectly.  And then there is the dramatic lighting.  We often tend to overlook feature lighting in a kitchen, usually going for functional lighting only.  But there is every reason to have both as feature lighting can really elevate a kitchen. I’m loving the oversized black light in this kitchen which is not only a feature but it also works to light up the kitchen island.

small grey Scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian bedroom lighting ideas

The bedroom is simply decorated in white and pale grey but once again we have stunning feature lighting.  That over-sized fabric pendant light above the bed is so eye-catching and works so well with the simplicity of the rest of the bedroom.  You also have the sculptural table light on top of the cabinets.  For a touch of colour, blush and mustard cushions have been added on the bed.

entryway with exposed brick wall

There are unexpected details throughout the house like the exposed brick wall in the hallway and the floral wallpaper just outside the bedroom which again adds to the beige accents in this home.  What I love about these details is that they’re not over done in any way but still make an impact.  There’s also the desk in the corner of the living room with the abstract hanging above it.

Scandinavian style decor for home office

Speaking of the desk space, it is tucked away in the corner of the living room but is a complete space in itself.  That’s one thing that always stands out about Scandinavian style decor – they are so good at using their spaces so well, no matter how big or small.  And they always consider practicality along with aesthetics.

There are so many ideas to steal from this Scandi home like all the feature lighting, the colour combination of cool grey with warm beige accents, the use of texture and all the natural light.  While I love it all, the standout room for me is that living room.  What’s your favourite part of this home?

All phots via Alvhem

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