Sleek furnishings meet with raw decor in these three grey home interiors that incorporate concrete accent walls. The sombre palette used throughout is paired with a minimalistic living style that gives the apartments a masculine air. Areas of natural wood have been introduced to interior number one as a warming technique, as well as to add pattern and texture through its grain and in slatted feature walls. Our second home tour delivers us a glass wall bedroom with a slick glass closet. A blast of colourful wall art makes for a bright finalé in apartment three, hanging on smooth grey walls and balanced out by the visual weight of solid black accent pieces.

Visualizer: Valentyn Kovalskyi  

Grey pad number one belongs to a male homeowner who prefers a paired back living style. A low slung grey modern sofa stretches out along the width of the open plan living room, effectively dividing the lounge from a kitchen diner behind it. Wood grain warms and texturises accent walls and floor sections.

An even lower coffee table takes the floor in front of the contemporary linear sofa, without an area rug beneath it that might soften its sharp edged design.

The wood laminate in the lounge ends as the floor transitions into the kitchen diner area. Here, the wood effect planks are swapped out for a hardier tile under a one wall kitchen with island.

The dining table is situated directly up against the kitchen island with no breathing space left between.

The close pairing of the modern dining table with the island saves space in the combined use room, as well as creating a simplified layout. The tv in the lounge can be viewed from the dining area during casual meals for one or two.

A concrete bedroom design awaits in the master suite, manifested as a concrete tile headboard wall and ceiling. A black bedroom pendant light descends in front of one side of the accent wall, with a matching bedside table lamp taking up the opposite spot.

A textured area rug creates a grey island for the fabric platform bed.

This bedroom with wardrobe has an open plan, free-flowing layout.

A wood slat wall has been incorporated to divide the closet contents from the sleeping area without fully cutting off the visual, or the light, from either side.

The second double bedroom in the home has a warmer and softer look, due to a wooden accent wall.

Luxurious window drapes dress the glass.

Two black wall shelves top a home study area inside the second bedroom. A couple of planters dress the modern desk.

The wall around the bedroom door has been finished in grey to flow seamlessly with the grey closets.

Visualizer: D3 Design  

Our second grey apartment design is a 53 square metre apartment in Chisinau, Moldova. A marshmallow soft modern sofa fills the lounge space, where a sleek floor lamp stands poised to cast a spotlight.

The tv wall decor is a wood slat design, set behind a low grey media unit.

A huge expanse of windows run the length of the open plan living room. Glass is a strong theme in this home – we can see the first peek of a glass wall bedroom in this shot.

The living room dining room combo spreads the same smooth colour palette all the way through.

By night, the textured wood slat feature wall and dark kitchen design take on a dramatic appearance.

Since the bedroom has no windows of its own, the glass walls serve a practical purpose in allowing natural light to come through from the main living space.

Inside the bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp stretches across another wood slat wall feature.

Two cast iron radiators warm the cool air from the windows.

A glass fronted closet adds a little intrigue to the neutral bedroom scheme.

The width of the shower room is divided between a walk-in cubicle and a modern bathroom vanity. The vanity mirror illuminates the dark space with its LED frame.

A wall hung toilet is located opposite the shower, with its cistern concealed in a false wall with an illuminated shelf nook.

The opposite end of the toilet wall is utilised for storage.

Designer: Dekaa  
Visualizer: Dekaa  

Vivid wall art provides relief from the sombre scheme of grey living room number three – almost evoking a stained glass window effect.

In this tight open plan living room, the sofa backs up against the front of the kitchen island with no walkway in between.

A chess set offers a perfect monochrome decorative piece for a coffee table. The unique chess sets seen here is the Bauhaus Chessmen.

Light wood effect flooring runs through the whole living space, from lounge to kitchen.

There is also a dedicated dining area in this compact living space, with room for four diners.

Colourful artwork helps to lift the look of the dining area, where black modern dining chairs are matched with a solid black table, beneath a black dining pendant light.

A large indoor plant also adds vibrancy to the dark dining corner.

Black display shelves are recessed into the wall behind the central kitchen island. Tall grey larder units occupy the other end of the space, along with an integrated oven.

Grey carpet results in a quiet velvety walk into the bedroom.

Grey window drapes match the upholstered bed.

Soft bedroom lighting creates a relaxing ambiance. Matching lamps provides reading light at each side of the bed.

Concrete walls and floor create an industrial vibe in the grey and white bathroom.

Black fixtures trim the look.

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