“Do you have a personal mantra? Mine comes from a childhood song. 

“Wherever I go the grass grows greener.” 

― Richie Norton

Custo Barcelona Spring 2016 

“Because of the green-eyed one, I see red and that makes me blue.” 

― Natalya Vorobyova

Holly Fulton Spring 2016 

A Summer Soirée with Zac Posen & Ecco Domani
In Laudrée’s Garden, NYC
Chelsea Adomoaitis in The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Photo: Angela Sterling

“I like you in green,’ he said. ‘You look as if you’re a very beautiful imp.’

― Sara Sheridan, British Bulldog

Gucci Fall 2016

Giambattista Valli Spring 2016 

Odile + Lana by Handmade by Elma 

photography: Ann Street Studio, NYC

“Slush is frozen over. People say that winter lasts forever, but it’s because they obsess over the thermometer. North in the mountains, the maple syrup is trickling. Brave geese punch through the thin ice left on the lake. Underground, pale seeds roll over in their sleep. Starting to get restless. Starting to dream green.”

― Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak

Emilio Pucci Spring 2016 

Gold bolero by Blaire Breitenstein
“The connoisseurs sniff, categorise, rank, price, demote. 
Celadons, the colour caught between green and blue, get sky after rain, and kingfishers, and iced water, all of which are lyrical.” 

― Edmund de Waal, The White Road: Journey into an Obsession

Old Narragansett Church c. 1706 (at Old Narragansett Church)

Paige by Agent Provocateur