Garden decoration with jasmine the most popular climbing plant

Jasmin the most popular climbing, the first to think about every point we need to “fill” with green spots in piles, fences, pergolas.

Besides its characteristic flavor, because of which other than ornamental, cultivated for use in perfumery and the asteroid white, pink or yellow, blue to rarer varieties of flowers and dense glossy foliage make this one of the most beautiful plants for your balcony or garden while at the same time it is an ideal choice even if you have little experience in gardening since the care it requires is nothing but elemental in terms of watering, fertilization, pruning.

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It needs plenty of light’ and that’s why we choose to place it in a particularly sunny or slightly shady certain time and places as protected from the north winds. Although it is particularly resistant, the constant inconvenience of intense air, as well as less than what is needed by light, significantly reduces its flowering.

It blooms from the beginning of the spring to the first cold winter and as a climb can reach even ten meters high. But small plants in pots or hanging flower pots can remain in the shape of a bush, pruning regularly to maintain the size-shape you desire.

If you plant it in order to cover points in piles, railings etc. as all plants will grow in orientation and “looking for” sunlight, be sure to be placed in a particularly sunny and uncovered spot otherwise growing will cover only one side of yard leaving the shadest uncovered and before direct planting it to the ground make sure the place you want to place it, the shoots are beaten over the years and it is impossible to move-transplant an already developed jasmine.

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Its pruning takes place early in the winter, after the end of its flowering, and at the beginning of spring, with the main goal of “cleaning” dry leaves and preserving the shape while its lubrication needs are the typical needs of each flowering tree. Every 15-20 days during the flowering period a common granular or wet form fertilizer for general use will strengthen your plant while during winter use fertilizer every 30-40 days and this only in small or weak plants.

In the early stages of its development, support will need to be done with very soft bindings because tender shoots are susceptible to breakage, while in terms of its water needs jasmine is resistant to drought, it is not part of the plants that will “dwindle” in a few days if you are deprived of watering. But in the summer months, potted plants need plenty of water, every 2-3 days depending on the prevailing temperature conditions, and even when the leaves are drenched, at very early hours or after sunset, they will increase the moisture content have to need and will clean them from dust to keep their beautiful glossy look.




























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