This is an idea I have long wanted to bring to life and boy, am I glad I finally did. It makes me immensely satisfied that it turned just as I imagined.

Having everything at hand made it an easy project to tackle too.

How to make a framed poem decorated with dried flowers

You need a photo frame, pressed and dried flowers, a poem you love (or find an interesting one on the internet) to print onto a colored sheet of paper and white glue.

 Print the poem first. My photo frame is for photos 4×6″ (10×15 cm) so I adjusted the size prior to printing. I also printed it first to see what it would look like with the selection of flowers I chose for it and worked on the lines.
As you can see, the poem stretches down to the end. Play with it to get the most pleasant look meaning that you choose the font and toy with the lines.  

When you have the poem printed, work on the flower arrangement.
Using white glue, I applied it on the stem and just added some light touches of it onto the petals. Be careful or they might get ruined / turn into dust if more glue is applied. Position them as you previously visualized them and glue them onto the paper. Press lightly so they stick.
Insert into frame and you are done!
Initially I went for one of Emily Dickinson’s poems, but later decided on this one by Atticus.

I plan to make several of these – I have tons of dried flowers and I am curious to try other colored paper / poem / flower combinations.


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