Furniture and even decorative pieces can be expensive to buy, which is why when you are frustrated with the design of your home your first step should never be to look online or to go to the nearest furniture store. Instead, your first step should be to find ways to refurbish what you already own and give it new life. By doing this you ensure that not only are you saving money, but you’ll also be making unique, personal pieces that perfectly fit your sense of style. Use these tips, and you’ll spruce up your décor in no time:

Clean It

There are several advantages of cleaning your décor and furniture before you make any fixes to it. Firstly, you will need a clean surface to work on and secondly, cleaning your décor can bring new life to the piece. This is especially true of hard to clean items like upholstery, which is why hiring a specialist from should be your first move. When it comes to repainting projects, you will have to take it one step further and stand it down. Most furniture is finished with a glaze, such as resin or other wax substance to seal the stain and prolong the life of the piece. For repainting, you will have to strip your piece of this final coat.

Paint It

If your piece was already painted beforehand, then you might need to paint a base layer to get the color you want to truly pop. Painting a wooden item a bold color, however, should be thought through carefully. Real wood furniture pieces are expensive, and covering them up with paint can cheapen them when a complimentary wood stain could be the solution. Dark stain can make any piece look rich, and it can help keep your wood pieces look timeless.

Refinish It

You might be amazed at how much the handles can change your opinion on a furniture piece like a wardrobe. Pick up your own custom ones and switch them out and you can completely change the look of your item in an instant. Changing out the handles isn’t the only way you can refinish a piece, either. Find antique-looking brackets and other elements to add that will improve the look and function of your décor.

Refurbish It

Last but not least, you can refurbish your piece. Refurbishing refers to doing things like reupholstering a chair, fixing a broken decorative piece, and so on. It will either require a creative solution you can do yourself or professional help, depending on what you need to be fixed. You do need to be wary, however, as refurbishing a piece professionally can become quite costly, so you will need to get a quote and weigh the pros and cons of getting it fixed. If you have a valuable antique piece refurbishing it can be an excellent idea, but if it’s cheaper to get a new (or second-hand) item then that might be the road you should take.

Sprucing up your décor means breathing new life into what you already have because the chances are that your home is full of potential. It’s just waiting for the creative spirit and can-do attitude from you to help it truly shine.

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