Over the years I’ve developed all kinds of short cuts and tricks when I am painting. One of my favorites is what I call my “fold and print” method. It’s a really fast and easy way to quickly fill a surface with lots of color or pattern.

This technique works the best on either fabric or canvas and I like to begin with a surface filled with color.

Next, I add a layer of pattern. One of my favorite supplies is 3-D paint (or puff paint) because it has lots of dimension and the applicator tip is perfect for drawing and doodling! The key to this technique is making sure that you have thick paint on the surface. In fact, the more paint the better the print you will be able to create. 

Next, I fold the opposite side of the canvas over and on top of the design. Using my hand, I lightly press the canvas down.

Then I slowly peel the canvas away- leaving a print of the design.
I like to continue this process until the entire surface if filled with pattern!
The result is a colorful surface filled with pattern!