Danish design firm Ferm Living just released their new autumn and winter collection and it has been photographed in a beautiful location as the backdrop for their warm and cozy pieces. Their new collection celebrates the art of hosting, which is what we do more often now that the leafs start to fall and temperatures start to decrease.

One of my favorites from the collection is the Mineral sculptural table, which can be used as side table or as a decorative sculpture. It’s made out of bianco curia marble, and the edges are broken by hand with a chisel, making each table unique. Contrasting with this brutalist rough marble shape, is the organic shape of the beautiful Oyster Wall lamp made out of recylced aluminium. It has a decorative, organic shape due to its soft, lively curves and makes you think about an oyster, hence the name.

The Holo vase is handmade from solid glass and has a fluid, organic form that has been sculpted by human hands, stretching and shaping the elevated spires during the melting process and ensuring that each individual piece is unique. And lastly the Feve desk contributes to the overal organic design language of this beautiful new collection. As a reference to the distinctive shape, its name comes from the French word Fève, which means bean. The legs are carved into stretched elliptical shapes that emphasise the desk’s elegant, feminine silhouette and balance the design. 

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