Experience Sri Lanka: Gangaramaya Temple

Think we’ve shown you all Sri Lanka has to offer? Think again, because this country never runs out of awe-inspiring sights and heart pounding adventures. Today, join us as we explore Gangaramaya Temple: and try not to be too upset you aren’t there right now.

One of Sri Lanka’s most significant temples, Gangaramaya is located in Colombo, the country’s capital. Built by a shipping merchant in the 19th century, the temple has been home to erudite scholars, Buddhist monks, and, now, a centre for Buddhist education.

If you’re looking for a way to find your zen in Sri Lanka, look no further than Gangarama Temple. The temple exudes a sense of togetherness, constructed in architectural styles from Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, and China. You’ll find sacred relics of Buddha and his disciples, carefully crafted in styles from all over Asia.

Why not take it a step further, and leave the temple with an offering of your own? The Bodhi tree isn’t just a place to escape the Sri Lankan sun, it’s also where you can leave an offering of lotus flowers.

If you can’t go another second without seeing this incredible temple for yourself, we can’t blame you. The statues, culture, and education it provides is too good to pass up. If you agree, it might be time to start planning your trip to Sri Lanka — we’re jealous!

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