Experience Italy: Sailing in the Bay of Naples

Experience Italy: Sailing in the Bay of Naples

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Are you the kind of traveller who’s always looking for their next all-night party? Are you the type who wants to spend their entire trip enriching themselves with cultural experiences like museums and historical sites? Or do you just want to lay down on the beach and forget about the world? Guess what: in the Mediterranean, you can do all of those things in the same trip, which makes it one of the best destinations to visit as a solo traveller or in a group! Today, we’re taking you through the colours of the Mediterranean with Fez Travel – get ready!

Begin in Greece, one of the most beautiful and historically significant countries in the world. Visit the ancient city of Athens and explore the Acropolis, the stadium in which the first modern Olympic Games were held. Here, you’ll find museums, photo ops, and a whole lot of history. If that’s not your thing, then get ready, because we’re heading to Santorini! This iconic island, best known for its white buildings with bright blue domed roofs, is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Once you’re rested up, get ready for Mykonos! This whitewashed island is the ultimate party destination.

Up next is Turkey. Didn’t get enough of a culture fix in Greece? Turkey is here to deliver. Visit Ephesus and enjoy a guided tour of the city’s many historical sites, including a visit to the site of the Temple of Artemis. In Turkey, it’s all about handcrafted goods! Learn all about Turkish rugs and how they’re made, visit local producers of leather goods, and travel along the Silk Road! Finishing off with a visit to the capital city of Istanbul, Turkey is sure to never disappoint.

Are you starting to feel jealous that these lucky travellers got to visit the Mediterranean with Fez Travel? We don’t blame you! If you can’t resist the call of these beautiful countries any longer, head over to TourRadar to find the best deals on this itinerary as well of thousands of other tours to places that will take your breath away.

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