Everyone has his own preference when choosing a furniture. It also depends on what kind of style they like and also the space of the room. For a modern and small home, we can choose a modern and minimalist furniture.  Each room in a house also needs a cabinet to keep some things, as well as for a TV, an entertainment equipment for your home. TV cabinet is a great furniture to place your TV unit as well as your other belongings. Here are some built-in TV cabinet ideas that will inspire you to get a right furniture.

A Beautiful TV Showcase

This built-in cabinet has some shelves on the right and left sides, two shelves with lighting above TV space, and some other storages. The type of wood of this cabinet is rift white oak with the custom stain.

A Contemporary Style

This is a simple built-in cabinet, with bookcases on each side and TV display in the center. The bench in front of it can hide the gear and be a party seating.

Nice Furniture Arrangement

This built-in cabinet is placed between the glass doors. The green sofa, purple armchair, and a green ottoman are arranged well to face the TV and the standard fireplace.

Cabinet with Frosted Glass Panels

White theme room is so interesting. It shows the clean and simple feeling. The wide white TV cabinet has frosted glass panels are nice to hide the audio when not in use.

Trendy Room with Hot Pink Touch

The romantic feeling can be made with hot pink and white combination. This room has a white built-in cabinet, light wood flooring, black rug, hot pink small sofa, and a black table.

built in tv cabinet cow hide open shelves pillows slanted ceiling tv behind white cabinet wide narrow window window seat wood floor pink and black furniture

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Built-In Cabinet with Drawers

This built-in TV cabinet has some shelves and drawers around the TV. For the lighting, this family room has two gold wall sconces.

A Built-In Cabinet in the Kitchen

A built-in TV cabinet can also be placed in a kitchen. This cabinet has framed glass doors and some drawers below the TV unit placement. To enjoy the entertainment, you can sit on the brown barstools around the kitchen island or the brown armchairs.

A Perfect Blend Design

A perfect blend of modern and classic design can create a truly distinctive apartment. This white linear built-in cabinet with shelves brings the modern vibe with its recessed lighting underneath, while the oriental cabinets add an interesting touch of the east.

Built-In Cabinet with Bifold Doors

This built-in TV cabinet has bifold doors, narrow shelves, and some under storages. This cabinet is an interesting version, it still looks nice when the doors open and close. This room has a bright vintage green and white color scheme.

A White Minimalist Look Cabinet

A trendy living room may need this white built-in TV cabinet that can be closed off. The shelves can be closed by the sliding doors to give a minimalist view.  This living room also provides a grey comfy sofa, two black leather armchairs, a coffee table, patterned rug, floor lamp, and fireplace.


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