Stitch markers – one of the crochet essential no crocheter has ever got tired of. Immensely handy and not expensive to buy, but why not make your own, unique ones?  
In all my years of crocheting I have never bought stitch markers – because they are so easy to make, and in this post I am going to show you how to make them using things from your (crafter’s) stash.


Think of lobster clasps and big metal rings as your best friends, because they are essential in the stitch making. Instead of them, you can use safety pins (all sizes apply).  I love the small ones – the type that comes with the labels on clothing garments. Then there are jump rings that you use to attach to big metal rings and that help you make long(er) markers. 
And for the most beautiful part – the gem /marker you can use all sorts of things: from metal findings and notions, to beads, buttons, pendants even crochet notions.
In #1 above I beaded metal rings and attached a couple of jump rings to the clasp/
In #2 and #3 I used just metal rings/ clasp with pendants attached.  #4 shows a marker made with big(gish) beads and #6 with smaller ones. In #5 you can see beaded eye-pins hung onto a ring.

#7 shows a decorated glass bead onto a safety pin (the one I talked about above), and #8 shows that even buttons can be used for this. For big yarn projects (when I use chunky yarn) I like to use bigger markers and I have several made using my crochet flowers. 
Do you use stitch markers for your crochet? Have you made some yourself? Would you share your tips in the comments?