Did you recently move into a new home and you think that the rooms look dull?  Well, if that’s your case then I’ve got some tips for you that can help you bring life to your walls, your home without having to buy new furniture.


A very creative and fun way to decorate your rooms and bring more life to them is to apply wallpaper. Use muted tones for rooms such as your bedroom and your living room and bold colors like yellow and green  in your home office, kitchen and even bathroom. Wallpaper is a very versatile accessory, it can dress down or dress up a room, it all depends on you.



An awesome way to bring light and creativity into your home and make it more interesting is to decorate your walls with DIY projects. There are lots to choose from and but I’ve picked a few of the more interesting to inspire you. Try personalizing your home with some cool DIY wall flower letter or add some rows of photos that inspire you and the atmosphere is going to change completely.  You can either exhibit your pictures on string or hanging by a clothes hanger. It’s all up to you to get inspired and turn your home into a haven.









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