Don’t tell me that you’ve never been jealous of Sex and the City’s  Carrie Bradshaw’s walk in closet that she receives from Mr Big! I know exactly how many times I’ve re-watched that movie only to look at that beautiful wardrobe and drool over it *haha*.  So I’ve round up some walk-in closet inspo that you should most certainly take into consideration if you’re moving or building your home.


Let’s face it! Not everyone is Carrie Bradshaw to have so much space for that type of a closet but you can still achieve a beautiful closet by adding shelving units to an entire wall. Leave away the doors if you wan to exhibit your most fashionable belongings like in a museum.


If you’re a lucky one and you’ve got the space then you should definitely consider saving a whole room just for your closet, it’s going to be just like your own little heaven. Or you can use the hallway to your bathroom if there is room. It’s going to give a very personal touch to your home. Add an ottoman chair to make it look luxurious and a chandelier for an elegant touch. There are very different types of designs and it all depends on you. You can either make it look like a luxurious/designer store changing room or make it look really industrial with some pipe shelving units. You do you!








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