Dream All White Dream House

If you’ve always loved the big city, but love the luxury and quality of designer finishes, look no further than this property in Atlanta, GA. All white palettes with wood-grain finishes throughout, truly bring together this wonderful property in a way you won’t find elsewhere. Natural wood and stone work throughout the home elegantly, with hardwood flooring throughout, you’ll truly notice luxury at every corner of this property. On the shores of Lake Marin, you have a gorgeous backdrop, without having to compromise on location, in this fantastic home.

White stone finishes throughout the kitchen bring together this space for relaxation, or for a gathering with family and friends. A stone-claw tub brings together the master bedroom and bath suite in a way you are bound to love as a new homeowner. Reclaimed wood beams, rustic wood finishes and grains, and the white paint throughout, come together well. Whether you prefer refined luxury, or want something eclectic, the look and feel of this home will bring these, and several other feelings together from the moment you step foot in the home.
If you love scenic views, you have it in this lakefront property as well. For homeowners who love the water, you will have a lakefront view from any room you are in, when in this home. From the kitchen to your guest bedroom, you have a great view and captivating scenery throughout. A back pantry in the kitchen gives you more room for storage, and the large bedrooms, living and dining areas, and dedicated guest areas, truly bring the entire property together.
Large French doors truly bring together the home in a manner you won’t find in other properties. It allows you to have the luxurious look and feel, without having to compromise. Add conventional lighting fixtures, and a few modern nuances throughout, and you are truly going to marvel at how the entire property comes together like no other property on the lakefront.
Luxury, formal, or casual, no matter what you desire when it comes to purchasing a new home, this property is going to deliver. Regardless of what you love, you have the big city feel, along with the waterfront escape in this home, which is situated on Lake Marin in Atlanta, GA. For the refined purchaser in you,, or for a buyer who has a discerning eye for quality, this property is truly going to deliver on exactly what you are looking for as a buyer.

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Images: ATLANTA HOMES / Photography: Erica George Dines



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