Aside from sewing, my other crafting obsession is Macramé. With its recent rise in popularity it may seem like a new craft, but Macramé is a knotting art that dates back to the 13th century. Sailors needed to know these techniques as well. This was also a popular decorative art in the Victorian era. I was taught by my mom who learned Macramé in high school. Its peak popularity was in the 1970s. My mom made wall hangings, plant hangers, and belts similar to what you see today. I’m known for using this detail on some of my garment designs. It’s also a great project to add to swivel hooks, rings, and rods as decorative accessories.

These DIY Mini Macramé projects were easy to create with the many Dritz decorative hardware products. With just a few supplies you can make different versions of these and get the kids involved too. Check out the steps below to make your own.  

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