For my newest Victorian inspired collection I made several ribbon medals. I have these amazing jacquard ribbons that I was eager to include in my work and while researching for the collection I thought they would give it a nice polished edge and a bit of steampunk air.
Making these is incredibly easy, so if you are into something like this, here’s how I made them.
What you need:
  • a decorative ribbon
  • a ribbon clamp
  • a “medal” (think of trinkets, metal {or other} pendants, beads, whatnots)
  • a jump ring and a brooch pin
If you use a jacquard ribbon, singe the edges so that they do not fray.

Insert clamp and press it.
Attach the “medal” and slide in the pin. Told you it was easy!
If interested in the ribbons, you can buy them here.


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