DIY decorative crafts from pumpkins for garden and balcony

Objects of all kinds of natural materials are the most beautiful for outdoor decoration and the dried pumpkins from the materials that can … transform into truly impressive decorations for your garden or balcony.

DIY: Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins

The simplest type of dried pumpkins is their painting, even in simple geometric designs of various shades. Use pumpkins of different shapes – sizes and hang them somewhere on your balcony or garden or place them all together in a large basket. Their look really can not be compared to any of the common summer decorative items you will find ready to go.

With simple painting and a small cut in the center or adding some small items, turn the pumpkins into very special and stylish birds-houses for birds.

Inside a pumpkin you can plant any small plant, with more succulents that do not need a lot of soil or small seasonal flowers. Depending on the shape and size of the pumpkin you will use these pots can take many different shapes and are particularly impressive whether you choose to use them as hangers or not.

The decorative … fairyhouses are also a very impressive structure if for their basic skeleton use dry pumpkins by adding natural materials or ready-made clay items.

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