This post has been created in partnership with Beyond Paint.  All opinions are my own.  

When we moved into our home my very favorite thing, and the reason I fell in love with this home were all the built-ins.  Who doesn’t love a good built in?

This built-in hutch in the dining room particularly sealed the deal.

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 42

The saddest day was when we realized, it would have to go… The built-in in the dining room made the space too small for an actual dining table, and we ended up removing three walls of built-ins to capture a little bit of extra space.  It was a sad day for Remodelaholic-kind.

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 43

The best news was that we were able to remove the built in in one piece.  

Heavenly hosts were singing above!  

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 44

So, we transferred it to the opposite wall in the kitchen… While it isn’t technically “built-in” anymore, it is very much still alive and kicking in our house.  

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 49

A few years ago I saw a built-in hutch that had been painted orange, and for about 4 years, I’ve been planning on painting our built in orange. (Design by Lucy Interior Design)

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I know some of you are cringing.

I realize I am going to get hate comments for painting wood, but truly, it’s my house and it brings me joy, and the haters don’t have anything to do with it…

Stepping off the soap box…. backing away slowly.

Painted Dining Room Hutch Makeover

No Sanding, No Priming, No Sealer

So, recently I was contacted by Beyond Paint to see if I wanted to try out their product.  They happen to have an all in one product that has primer, finisher and sealer in one!  No sanding required!  Also according to the packaging, it should bond to almost any surface, (wood, granite, tile, Plastic, metal, glass laminate varnish, Polyurethane and linoleum…- I’ve only tried sealed wood personally)  The paint has more pigment for better coverage and it is GREEN- well, it  comes in several colors, but green as in Non-Toxic, or Hazardous air pollutants free!!

They also had a pretty red-orange color called Poppy, and I thought, well, maybe it is the hutch’s day at last?!


I tested the red.  (on a little piece of cardboard and hung it on the hutch- forgot to take a picture  and I looked at it for a few days to see how it would look…)

It matched really well with our vintage 60 year old tribal rug and the curtains in our front rooms, and works with our bright orange chairs in the dining room… (did I mention I like color?)

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 52

And so I decided to try it out.

The product kit came with very detailed instructions and a kit of tools.

The first and one of the most important steps is cleaning and prepping the wood.  The surface must be oil, wax, grease and dirt free!  So I disassembled it all and cleaned each door drawer and faceframe individually really well.  I also had to remove the glass shelves and ALL my dishes on said glass shelves… my kitchen went from clean to way messed up in about 3 minutes flat!

For cleaning, I used Simple Green and scrubbed really thoroughly.  The hutch itself was actually pretty clean – because when I first moved into the house I cleaned this hutch within an inch of it’s life!  But I wanted to make sure the paint adhered really well, so I scrubbed again!  For your info, other cleaner options are mineral spirits, or a vinegar water solution.  By cleaning this will give the surface “tooth” for the paint to bond to.  (SIDE NOTE:  TSP will leave a phosphate residue unless it is rinsed very well, so you have been warned!)

Next I taped the mirror for easier clean up.

I stacked the drawers up on my counter to paint them with boards in between… I didn’t even empty the drawers. #slackerorgenius you decide!

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 50

I started painting by testing the paint on the back of one door.  I fooled around with how to get the paint on the door and what worked best.  

I started using the provided and brand recommenced 1/2 or 1/4 inch woven fabric nap roller.  But for my personal taste, I like my furniture finishes to be as smooth as possible.  So I tried out my foam roller.  Which I liked better.  Because I didn’t follow the exact rules of the brand and did thinner coats, I did have to add a third coat – BUT if I had followed the rules I really wouldn’t have needed to, so that is all on me!

Drying time for each coat is about 2-4 hours on average, (unless your area is humid and you might need a bit more time)  So, I let it dry and did a second coat to be sure I would really like what I was doing before really committing… Remember this hutch is my baby.

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 54

I got into all the cracks with the paintbrush the kit provides, then I used my own foam roller to smooth out any lines and get as clean of a finish as possible.

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 53

I chose to go with 3 very thin paint layers rather than 2 thicker layers- which you can do by all means, but I like the smooth feel (and can I admit I sort of like the look of the wood grain showing through the paint…anyone else with me on that?)

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 51

While going through the process we did decide that we would leave the top 4 doors off… somehow it updated the look of the hutch to me SO much!  I’ll show you the afters and you can decide for yourself.  And yes, I didn’t even take the lower dishes out to paint the frame, I’m a rebel at heart!

When you are done painting, just remember that while the beyond paint will be dry in about 2-4 hours, it is sometimes still sensitive to chipping until is has undergone an initial sure period of 2-3 days.   Additionally, allow it to fully cure for 30 days before scrubbing it down for any reason!  If you have any remaining paint, store it in a cool dry place.  I used 1 full bottle/container on my hutch.

Once you’ve allowed for curing time, you can put everything back on there!

The one kind of controversial decision I made in this makeover … was to keep the original hardware.

I wasn’t ready to commit to anything else.  It did take me 4 years to commit to even painting the hutch, so I’m just trying to take baby steps.  And I KNOW when I do end up picking new hardware it will be expensive, because I want really cool brush gold hardware…

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 56

BUT I LOVE how it turned out.  And as much as I have been gunned for bright orange, I am glad I went a little safer with this gorgeous red.

What do you think with the doors off on top?  Better or worse?

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 60

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 59Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 58Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 57

Beyond Paint In Poppy Painted Hutch @Remodelaholic 55

Thanks to Beyond Paint for partnering with me on this project.  All opinions are my own.  To purchase Beyond Paint, you can shop at a participating Ace Hardware store or visit   To learn more about Beyond Paint products, visit


Dining Room Hutch Makeover With Beyond Paint | Paint Furniture With No Sanding, No Priming, No Sealer @Remodelaholic

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