Cute black and white Halloween decorations (no creepies here!)

black and white Halloween decorations

black and white Halloween decorations

It’s taken me a while to realise that we’re well in to October.  Once the realisation hit me, I got thinking about Halloween.  I usually do some kind of pumpkin decorating but this year I thought I would change it up a bit.  So instead I’ve gone for some of the cutest black and white Halloween decorations for you to try out.  Not only will these decorations look cute on your Halloween table, but they’re all pretty simple to make too.

I’m not in to the spooky, bloody and gory side of Halloween – it actually creeps me out. Give me cute over creepy any day! So if you’re with me, you’ll like making these sweet little decorations that are fun for a Halloween gathering for any age.

black and white halloween party decorations

black and white Halloween decorations – DIY Marbled tablecloth

black marble spray paint

Open out the cheesecloth and lay it out on some newspaper.  Spray sparingly with the marble spray (make sure to follow the directions on the can).  The spray will make the cheesecloth stick to the newspaper.  As soon as you finish spraying, gently peel the cheesecloth off the newspaper so it comes unstuck. Lay it back down on the newspaper to dry completely – it won’t stick again. If your table isn’t white, you can lay the cheesecloth over a white tablecloth to get the best effect.

diy ghost cake toppers easy
black and white Halloween decorations – diy Ghost cake toppers

wooden popsicle sticks (I used 2 different sizes – 1cm wide and 1.8cm wide)
white acrylic paint
black marker pen
cocktail sticks
sticky tape/washi tape

Cut your popsicle sticks in different sizes keeping some tall, some medium and some short (because just like humans, ghosts come in different sizes too). Paint them white and draw on the eyes and mouth. Stick the cocktails sticks on the back with tape and place them in your cake.

Halloween milk bottle ghosts diy
black and white Halloween decorations – diy ghost milk bottles

glass milk bottles
round black stickers (approx 1cm or 0.4″)
Black and white straws

Stick the eyes on the bottle. Cut a square-ish piece of cheesecloth and drape over the milk bottle. Cut another piece, this time a thin strip. Use this to tie around the neck of the bottle to keep the drape in place. Gently stick the straw in through the cheesecloth. This works best with milk served in the bottles or else you can double up the cheesecloth drape for a whiter look.

black and white Halloween decorations – diy black garland

bakers twine
round black label stickers (approx 65mm or 2.5″)

This is probably the quickest and easiest garland you’ll ever make.  First fold all the stickers in half to make a fold line. Peel, place under the twine along the fold line you made and fold over. Keep repeating until you have the length of garland you want.

black and white Halloween decorations

In addition, I got some mini balloons, blew them up and stuck on googly eyes.  I used them as a little backdrop for this black and white Halloween table but they can be used in so many ways like turning them in to cupcake toppers or garlands or fill with helium and let them float!

Which one is your favourite decoration? What’s your favourite Halloween craft – diy decorations, costume making, baking?

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