I think the color palette of this beautiful home in Sweden works so nicely. The living room has been painted in a beige sand color, which lets the warm textiles on the sofa and the green plants stand out in such a nice way. The adjacent bedroom has been painted in a muted blue, which contrasts so nicely with the warm color palette of the accessories and furniture in here and the hallway has a warm beige wall color which is almost salmon pink. 

Other than the wall colors, I really like the combination of the many textiles, accessories, and art prints in this space, which makes it cozy and characterful. In the home office space in the hallway, you can see my own Crinkled no.1 art print, which works so wonderfully in this color palette I think.

In the bedroom, the warm wood of the vintage shelf works really nicely in combination with the vintage mirror against the blue wall. The bed is made with a beautiful mixture of different colors and patterns, which has an interesting effect.

Styled by Studio Cuvier, photographed by Henrik Linden for Stadshem

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