Cool knitted covers for furniture and accessories in the interior

Cold autumn and winter months of the year are difficult to imagine without integral accessories: knitted sweaters and jackets, warm woolen socks and gaiters, colorful scarves and hats. And to make it even more comfortable to bask at home for a cup of hot tea or cocoa, we advise you to dress not only yourself, but all around in knitted cases…

XXL Knitting: Blankets, pillows made of giant yarn are fashionable in decoration

Look at your house! There are many items that can be “warmed” knitted covers. First of all, of course furniture – sofas and armchairs, chairs and stools. Also pay attention to baskets, vases, flower pots, cups, candlesticks – accessories in multi-colored clothes will create a cozy, soulful atmosphere, fill the interior with warmth, softness and tenderness. As if grandmothers caring hands touched different objects, wrapped them in a woolen shawl … You can either tie all the items yourself crochet or knitting needles, and remake some old knitted things. Both options are fairly simple and do not require much time and effort. Look at some crocheted covers below and take inspiration. Make your space cozier…

Knitted covers for upholstered furniture and chairs

Typically, as an upholstery of armchairs and pouffes a special dense fabric is used. But for the winter, knitted covers for sofas, armchairs, chairs and stools will be very appropriate. Knitting is associated with warmth and comfort, so these original handmade covers will decorate the house and make the atmosphere gentle and truly homely, which in winter is especially valuable.

As if huge sweaters are worn on upholstered furniture! Large volumetric patterns, delicate pastel or bright colors, imitation of embossed upholstery, lace or something else original – needlewomen can fully show their imagination and talent. Particularly interesting knitted cases will look at antique antique furniture as a way to restore the upholstery.

Old things in a new way: modern decor with lace

If you decide to knit a cover, it is better to provide for it to be easily removed. Knitted covers can and should be washed in a washing machine on a mode for woolen things. Especially it will be relevant for light products.























Images via: Pinterest