Whether it’s for a night of trick-or-treating, a birthday party, a photo-op, a play or any other special even that includes a bit of make-believe, costumes can be so much fun – especially when it comes to babies. And they’re even more fun when you have the ability to create your own and make them from scratch. So, put your DIY skills to the test and check out these 50 creative baby costumes for all kinds of events!

1. Sushi

Diy baby sushi costume

Turn your little baby into a sushi roll complete with a bit of ginger and wasabi on top. Check out the adorable details at Really Risa.

2. Cheeseburger

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Or, you could always turn your little guy into a juicy, cheesy cheeseburger completely with all of the topping. Details can be found over at C.R.A.F.T.

3. Panda Bear

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What about a Panda bear for your baby boy or girl to dawn? C.R.A.F.T. has all the details for creating this easy peasy costume as well.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple costume diy

Delia Creates has this amazing pineapple DIY costume on their site and we’re in love. How adorable would this cape look on a tiny baby!?

5. Cow

Simple diy baby cow costume with an udder 41

Check out this hilarious baby cow costume – complete with a bottle nipple utter – from Make It Love It. Talk about a memorable look for your little one!

6. Aerobics Instructor

Diy baby aerobics costume

Here’s another giggle-inducing costume that we’re absolutely, head-over-heels in love with. Homemade By Jill gives us the easy details on making this look come to life.

7. Prince

Diy baby prince costume

This may not be Prince Charming but it sure is a great idea for your little guy to sport. We found this easy DIY idea at College Humor and we’re still chuckling about it.

8. Harry Potter

Diy baby harry potter costume

Love and Lion showed us how easy and adorable it can be to turn your baby into Harry Potter for Halloween or any other event where the wizard should make an appearance.

9. Owl

Diy baby owl costume

Check out the wings on this gorgeous little baby girl. This is so easy to DIY at home thanks to Life Flix‘s inspiration surrounding the look.

10. Little Old Lady

Little old lady diy baby costume

How does aging your baby sound when it comes to creative costumes? Costume Works featured this charming treat for us and we couldn’t resist!

11. Gumball Machine

Baby gumball costume diy

Coolest Homemade Costumes showcased this super innovative idea and we couldn’t wait to show it off! Just look at all the details from the sign to the pom-pom headpiece!

12. Card Dealer

Diy baby costume

Check out this card dealing baby that we found on Costume Works. What a great idea for a homemade costume that can be pulled out in a pinch!

13. Burrito

Burrito baby diy costume

Here’s another edible-inspired, DIY costume that will cause a giggle or two. It made a splash on Reddit and we are loving the coziness surrounding the idea for the tiniest of babies.

14. Chicken

Diy chicken halloween costume

Maybe you’d like your little one dressed full of feathers as a pretty chicken on the farm. You can find the details of this look over at Lovely Morning.

15. Farmer

Farmer diy costume

DIY Show Off made this simple and charming farmer costume that’s perfect for babies, toddlers and older kiddos alike. Snag some inspiration after the jump!

16. Hobbit Girl

Hobbit baby girl diy costume

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings then you will fall hard for this DIY costume. Dress you baby girl like a little hobbit with the helps of Live Like You Are Rich.

17. Black Cat

Black cat diy costume

Do It Yourself Divas inspired us to make a small and adorable black cat costume with a lot of frilly personality and girlish style. We love it and we’re certain your small gal will too.

18. Garden Gnome

Quick and easy halloween costume collage

Here’s another costume that will grab a laugh or too partly because of how adorable it is and partly because of how creative it is! Adventure In A Box will show you how to pull it off.

19. Nacho Libre

Nacho libre baby costume diy

For fans of the comedy movie, here’s a hilarious “baby” rendition of Nacho Libre from Live Like You Are Rich. How adorable is that mustache?

20. Popeye

Diy popeye costume

How about grabbing some biceps for your little guy and a can of spinach? Crafty Bitch transformed her baby into Popeye and we’re in love.

21. Octopus

Diy baby octopus costume

Mer Mag made one of the most beautiful costumes on the list and it’s that of an octopus. Just imagine all of the fun colors you could dip this idea into!

22. Peter Pan

Peter pan diy costume

How does a baby Peter Pan sound to you? Over at Babble you can grab all of the details and directions behind this magical costume.

23. Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse diy costume

Here’s another Disney-inspired costume but this time it’s from the Chirping Moms. Costumes don’t have to be full of fancy details, simple is cute too!

24. Bjork

Diy bjork baby costume

Remember that time Bjork wore a swan dress to the Oscars? Use that as inspiration for your baby’s costume like Cat Cutillo did!

25. Mushroom

Diy mushroom costume

Or you can go the route that Wispy House took and create a mushroom costume for your little one. Just look at that hat, how adorable is that?!

26. Strongman

Diy strongman baby costume

You Are My Fave created a baby strongman costume that is just too unbelievable cute to believe. Complete with a barbell and a mustache, it’s so creative!

27. Care Bear

Diy carebear baby costume

Who just squealed when seeing this Care Bear costume? Instructables has all the great details on how to take an actual stuffed animal and turn it into a costume for your baby.

28. Stick Figure

Diy baby stick figure costume

How do you dress a baby as a stick figure? Like this, of course! It’s so creative and innovative – we’re loving this offbeat idea from Little Inspiration.

29. Cupcake

Diy infant cupcake costume an easy way for baby to dress up

Simmworks took a onesie they found at Babies R Us and redesigned it to be the most adorable cupcake outfit around! Check out the details after the jump.

30. Elsa

Diy frozen elsa dress baby edition perfect for your littlest princessso adorable

You could also learn how to make Elsa’s beautiful dress for your baby to rock. Grab the know-how over at Kiki & Company.

31. Superhero

Diy superhero baby costume

White House Black Shutters made an easy and charming baby superhero costume that we’ve fallen in love with. Any and every baby can be a hero for a day!

32. Pinata

Diy pinata baby halloween costume1(pp w1200 h1746)

Why not do something super festive like turn your baby into a party-inspired piñata for the night? Little Inspiration has all the details.

33. Fox

Diy baby fox costume

Dress your baby up as a fox and do it with the help of Two Photos and the super easy tutorial featured on the blog. Again, sometimes simplicity really is best.

34. Hipster

Diy baby hipster costume

One of the easiest on the list but also one of the most innovative and clever, adorn your baby in hipster duds for a day. Emma Magazine had this great idea waiting for us!

35. Elvis

Baby elvis costume diy

The king is in the building and you can find out how to make this magnificent baby Elvis jumpsuit over at Sew Much Ado. How could you not love this look?

36. Birds of a Feather

Diy mom and baby bird halloween costume5 800x1200

This costume is actually a “mommy and me” mix but we had to include its adorableness and beauty on the list! Just look at this happy feather baby from Lovely Indeed!

37. Bee

Diy bee costume

Maybe a bumblebee is more your style. If so, this one is quite easy to handle on your own or grab inspiration on its creation from Taylor Made.

38. Groot

Baby groot diy costume

Hella Mommy must have been a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, because this idea for a baby Groot costume is quite genius. I know my husband would love it!

39. Strawberry

Diy infant strawberry costume

Sew Woodsy knows how to use her crafting essentials which is evident in this strawberry costume made right at home. Follow along and learn how to do it yourself!

40. Bat

Baby bat costume

If you visit Tell, Love and Party you’ll find an entire family of monster costumes including a baby bat that has flown right into our heart. Just look at those wings!

41. Frida Kahlo

Frida kahlo costume

Oh Happy Day has some of my favorite and most clever of DIY costumes, which includes this beautiful, adorable and hilarious version of Frida Kahlo.

42. Unicorn

Diy unicorn costume

Check out Craftaholics Anonymous for some great inspiration all the way around. But this DIY unicorn costumer really takes the cake in terms of charm and creativity.

43. Swan

Diy baby swan costume

Minted gives us this super cute and sweet swan costume that you can create right at home with a lot more ease than you may expect. Check it out after the jump.

44. Cloud 9

Diy cloud 9 baby costume

Here’s one of the most unique and creative of the bunch. Fawn Over Baby made a “cloud 9” costume that is absolutely whimsical and fairy-tale like.

45. Cotton Candy

Diy cotton candy costume

If you’re going to dress your babe up as sweet treat, then cotton candy may just the the absolute sweetest. Visit Whippy Cake for all the know-how.

46. Ghost

Diy ghost costume

My DIY Creations had a DIY costume challenge and this fluffy ghost is what came to fruition. Just some tulle can go a long way when creating costumes.

47. Teddy Bear

Diy teddy bear costume

Blooming Homestead made an offbeat and stylish teddy bear costume that we think would work for any little gal around town. How sweet is that faux, fluffy fur?

48. Cabbage Patch Kid

Cabbage patch kids diy costume

Costume Works featured this adorable DIY costume as well. If you’ve been a fan of these baby dolls then why not dress your baby in the inspiration from head-to-toe?

49. Game Boy

Game boy diy costumer

Your little guy could easily become a “game boy” with help from Really Awesome Costumes. All you need is a onesie to get yourself started.

50. Carrot

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Your baby can dress as a carrot for Easter day if you’d like, just check out how to create this easy and adorable costume over at C.R.A.F.T. now!

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