In my previous home I had an open plan kitchen and I just loved the way this space became the center of the home. One person can be cooking, while the others are doing something else, but you can still interact with each other. A win-win if you ask me. This home has a beautiful, minimal kitchen on the one side of the space, with an island in the middle and the living room area on the side by the windows.

The kitchen has these subtile grey cabinet fronts with brass handles and glossy metro tiles on the wall above the sink. I love that higher cabinets are used only on the wall opposed to the windows, while the rest is lower and looks lighter. 

The dining table with the walnut dining chairs adds a bit of contrast to the grey kitchen, while as the sofa area is kept very light. The light beige area rug combined with the beige sofas and the coffee table with a beige marble top look very calm and modest combined, while as the burned orange side chair adds a bit of character here.

The bedroom doesn’t seem to have any natural light, which is not ideal for any room, but least disturbing in a bedroom I think. The beige palette of the living room comes back on the walls and in the color of the bedsheets and I love the little brass reading lights on the wall here as well.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Stadshem

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