A small room may be difficult to arrange if we want to add some functional features in it. We should make sure that the size of the furniture pieces is suitable for a small room. Create an efficient design in a small room can make it more excellent. The furniture placement and design are important things to consider in a small room if you don’t want a cramped room to feel. There are also some tips you can apply in your small room. The following are some awesome small room design ideas that will inspire you to create a nice and functional room in a limited space.

A Classic City Kitchen

This small galley kitchen opens up to the dining room. The kitchen appliances can be tricky in kitchens with limited space. A small trick you can use in designing a small space is painting the cabinets with the same color as the walls.

Nice Small Room Design Ideas

It is a great idea for a tiny bathroom. The acrylic bathtub, shower, pedestal sink, and toilet were well arranged in this small space. You can use a neutral color for the base, and colorful tile to decorate the bathroom ceiling.

Windows and Shade

Enough lighting should also be considered in designing a small room. You can install some windows with a window shade next to the bed. The windows also can give refreshing air flow.

Small Spaces Kitchen

Most of the small kitchens use white hue since it represents cleanliness and simple look. The white glossy flat panel kitchen cabinets and modern kitchen appliances make this kitchen more stylish.

A Contemporary Bedroom

Small room design ideas may need unique features such as this Murphy bed which can be folded on the wall when it’s not in use. The unfolding bed is a perfect solution if you want to create a minimalist lifestyle in your home.

Small But Feel Spacious

We can find some small space tricks in this small bathroom, including a perfect combination of glass and mirror, a beautiful brown floating vanity, and the shower tub combo. The recessed storage and light colors make this bathroom feel much more spacious.

Small Room Design Ideas for Bedroom

You can design your small bedroom by applying a platform bed with storage. Some drawers and wooden built-in stairs under the bed are smart furniture ideas under the bed.

Play with Colors

This teen bedroom is fun, funky, and inspiring although it has limited space. You can decorate it with some bold colors such as pink and green besides white hue.

A Walk-In Shower

The walk-in shower is a good choice to create a nice bathroom in a small space. This bathroom design looks good with the accent wall and color. Choose white floating vanity and frameless wall mirror to fill this bathroom.

Space Saving

Small room designs ideas in this bedroom are absolutely excellent. The green wardrobe is placed under the wall mounted bed which looks like a bunk bed with a green ladder. A white wall mounted desk and shelf are also applied here.