In the infant years of my blog I got acquainted with Stampington Company and their mesmerizing magazines! My heart tied fast and strong around Artful Blogging Magazine. A magazine that satisfies my cravings for visually enchanting and mesmerizing photos accompanied with heartfelt, warm and inspiring stories.
I think every artful bloggers’ dream is to be featured in this magazine. This year my dream came  true and I cannot possibly describe the excitement, fulfillment and pure joy that I am constantly wrapped up  in ever since I  was first contacted about this several months ago, until I finally had a copy in my hands!
I made another full circle.

My article called “Capturing Memories” appears in their Summer 2018 edition and tells the story of using my blog as an online journal to capture beautiful creative moments of time spent in artful bliss.
I just got the copy a few days ago and yearning to prolong this feeling of excitement I have been slowly going through it, soaking up story by story, picture after picture, one at a time.

They had a small surprise for me I was unaware of. They chose my banner  to be featured in the “Banners We Love” section and it really felt like a cherry on the top of a cake, when I discovered it!

I must say a huge and warm “Thank You!” to my editor Danielle Williams who worked with me, wonderfully guiding me through the process sharing valuable advice.
My deep bow to you dear lady!

You can order the magazine online or buy your copy at your nearest newsagent.