Having our own gym sounds like something you’d find in the home of celebrities and fitness fanatics. But did you know that you don’t have to have an unlimited budget and a huge amount of space to choose from? It’s true! Creating your own home gym is accessible to everyone, all you need is a space big enough, some time, and some motivation!

Let’s get to it!


If you’ve ever been to a traditional gym, you’ll have noticed that the lighting is bright and mimics that of daylight! It’s presumably to keep you motivated and awake! So when it comes to creating your very own gym, good lighting is something you need to consider! If you’ve moving into the garage for example, then consider some strip lighting installations – you can find more information on strip lighting here – but if you’re in the living room or a spare bedroom then see if you can upgrade your current lighting for something a little brighter and more motivating. No one wants to exercise in a gloomy corner.

Making the space as light and airy as possible as this will boost your positivity and you’ll create a space you actually want to work out in!

Finding the right space

A lot of this rides on the type of exercises you’re thinking of doing, like cardio or weights, or even yoga. Your fitness regime will dictate how much room you might need, so think ahead. Places like the spare room are good to move around in, but so is the patio, the garage or simply a corner of the living room that’s usually piled high with junk!

Make sure you remove any junk or clutter, so you have lots of room to move. This is also clears your mind too – so you can focus on your goals better.

Stock your gym

This again, depends on what kind of exercise you’re doing. And you don’t need a ton of equipment that takes up a huge amount of space – most of it might not even get used! If you’re into cardio, then consider a skipping rope to get your heart pumping, invest in a set of dumbbells too so you can focus on your strength and also resistance bands are a good investment.

A gym floor mat and maybe an exercise ball if you have room should cover the basics. Installing a mirror is also a good idea. Mirrors in gyms aren’t there to help people take selfies and flex their muscles – the mirrors are there to help people check their form – it’s like having an instructor working out with you.


If your gym is in a busy living room or you want to keep it out of reach of curious hands, then get yourself some storage. A corner shelf unit for your dumbbells, a place to store your rolled up mat and somewhere to hang your skipping rope. Your equipment will stay in good condition and your housemates or family will thank you for it!

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