This is my third and final costume for A Dollar Tree Halloween Series in collaboration with Dollar Tree.  I had so much fun doing this and will have to continue this theme each year. The possibilities are endless and I had a hard time dialing down all the ideas to just three costumes. You can check out the previous ones: Skeleton Queen & Greek Goddess
As a mom of 3 boys, I spend most my October sewing getting their costumes ready (major cosplayers). This leaves little time for mine. Not only that but let’s be real here, Halloween is about the kiddos and they definitely don’t want me parading around in something that will “embarrass” them or a costume that is high maintenance. That’s why I love this last minute costume and all you need is a t-shirt and a couple Halloween props from the Dollar Tree. The kids will love it and you can participate in all the Halloween festivities hassle free.  Get the details below on how to make your own Black Widow Costume. 


  • t-shirt (can be free if you have one already and they do sell them at the Dollar Tree)
  • Spider stakes (Halloween Decor: they come in a set) 
  • Spider (Any Spider will do, they have all types: small, large, sparkly, scary, etc.)
Construction Supplies:

DIY tutorial:

  • Begin by flipping your t-shirt inside out.
  • Mark a circle in the middle/side of the shirt using a crayon or marking tool.
  • From the circle use a ruler and mark lines going around the circle creating sections. I had no measurements in mind I just estimated how I wanted it to look. 
  • Remove the bottom hem. (I used this for a choker)
  • Fold the shirt in the sections so the lines meet together. They may not evenly match so just be mindful when cutting.
  • Before cutting make sure you don’t cut through the collar of the shirt, the back, the seams of the sleeve, and the lines between the sections. 
  • Cut finger tip width strips making sure not to cut through the lines (keep at least a 1″ width in between the sections).  If you’re worried about cutting through then just cut the lines without folding so everything is laying flat and upright. I fold to keep the strips more even and it’s faster.
  • Continue folding each section and cutting strips. 
  • Tug each strip once done to create string. Don’t tug too hard or you may tear it. 
  • Hot glue a spider on the circle. 
  • Remove the sleeves (optional).
I used the bottom hem to create the choker by hot glueing a spider ring at midpoint and tied it around my neck.

Now just add some black leggings/jeans and your good to go.

That’s it! Isn’t this cool? It reminds me of the technique I used for my Black Widow Costume here as well.  Try this DIY Halloween Costume yourself and make sure to tag #TrashtoCouture and #DollarTreeCrafts to be featured.

Happy Halloween!

*In collaboration with Dollar Tree.