one word challenge

one word challenge

Here’s a challenge for you.

How about ditching the long list of new years resolutions and goals and choosing just one word for 2019? One simple word that you can focus on everyday in 2019; a word that will guide you in everything you do.

One of my best blogging mates Uju, from Babes About Town, challenged me to do it. She did it last year and loved how her year went so now I want to challenge you because it’s a simple yet very powerful idea.  To help us all stick with our chosen word I’ve created 6 free printable bookmarks with some of the more popular word choices out there. Sign up below and the bookmarks will be delivered to you.

Each year, come end Nov/early Dec I’m all excited about making new year goals. I’ve even got a stash of old notebooks full of yearly goals to prove it, but all of this is long forgotten by the end of January. You too? Then lets do the one word challenge together.  The one word challenge means that we only have to remember our chosen word and let that guide everything we do. And if you and I truly live by our chosen word, who knows what is possible and what magic can happen.

So, what’s my word for the year? I’ve chosen SELF-INTEGRITY. In other words, I want to keep my word to myself.  Many of us (especially me) are very good at keeping our word to others. If we say to a friend, a colleague, a partner, our child or anybody in our lives that we will do something, we usually do it. Research has shown that we keep our word to others around 90% of the time. But when it comes to ourselves this number can be as low as 30%.

I say a lot of things to myself like all the projects I want to launch, the yoga classes I will attend, the e-book I’ll publish, the diet I’ll do… the list goes on and if I’m honest I probably do about half or less of what I say. So in 2019 I want to work towards not saying I’ll do so many things  – in fact I want to say I’ll do far fewer things. But if I speak them and say I want to do them, then I will do them.  Slowly, over the course of the year, I’ll learn to keep my word to myself and that is a very powerful thing.

one word challenge free printable bookmarks

What word will YOU choose? A few of things to keep in mind when choosing your word:

  • Don’t force it. Your word will come to you and it will feel right when it does. I’ve got a list below to help you get thinking but choose a word that really resonates with what you want your 2019 to be about.
  • Don’t stress it. Things change. People change. Circumstances change. Your word is not set in stone. If your word isn’t serving you a few months in to the year, change it.
  • Don’t forget it. The biggest key to making your word work for you is to keep it visible. Everywhere. All the time. So these bookmarks will help you with that. Don’t use them as just bookmarks though – you can print out several and stick them around your house – on your fridge, noticeboard, in your handbag, on your mirror and anywhere else you can think of.

Here are some words to consider:

one word challenge

Don’t forget to grab the free bookmarks below. I’ve shared 6 popular words. Simply print out on some nice card paper, cut out with a craft knife and then glue front and back so your word is on both sides and is always visible.

If you’re up for this one word challenge, leave a comment below and tell me your word. Lets all inspire and support each to make 2019 our best year yet.

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