9 sectionals you need for your home this year

Sectionals are great for big homes where you love having guests over and you enjoy comfort, of course. Because nothing says a good comfy couch more than a sectional does. So, if you’re planning on redecorating your home or to move in into a new one, here are nine sectionals that are trending this year:

1. Hyggee love

Give the hyggee spirit to a minimal, neutral and comfy sectional. Mix and match cozy pillows – the printed ones with the ones with different elements on top and don’t forget a gorgeous neutral cover. Surround the space with a diffuse light and lots of candles and prepare for the end of the winter season.

2. Mid century elements

The mid century sectionals are still cool and work wonders in an elegant, classic or retro home. Always pair them with green oversized pants, works of arts or colorful framed pictures and other gorgeous mid century elements like round mirrors.

3. Velvet all the way

The velvet sofa is a must in any home and I promise you, it won’t go out of trend too soon. So, for a large living room, picks a velvet sectional and match it with green and gold elements, it will look simply dreamy!

4. The leather sofa

If you decide to choose a leather sectional this season, pick a light brown one and add in any kind of living room. Pair it with blue, gold or green and enjoy this room that will have a calm and relaxed vibe.

5. Art deco love

Because the art deco home deco style is super popular right now, prepare for a fancy sectional that will make you think of famous museums or paintings. So, if you want a sophisticated living room, choose an art deco sectional and pair with a fancy coffee table and a gorgeous cover or printed pillows.


6. The pink sectional

Pick pink for your living room and weather you choose a pink blush or living coral sectional, this amazing color can make your living room Parisian chic, mid century modern or eclectic. That’s why you can do anything with a pink sofa so don’t be afraid of this dreamy color.

7. The eternal grey

A grey sofa is always a timeless piece, but this season makes a more mysterious and dark color combo using a grey sectional. Pair it with dark wall, add a lot of candles around it and make sure you dim the light. Let the magic in your day begin!

8. Baby blue sectional

Thinking about pastels and calm colors, light or baby blue is a dreamy shade to pick for your sectional. It goes great with white and ethno motifs, elements that are super popular this season. Also, it will look artsy if you pick a pastel color combo.

9. Color mix sectional

Speaking of mixing colors, this season pair different shades of the same colors in a dreamy sectional that goes great in an artsy living space. Think about the seventies colors, the colors of the ocean or a beautiful forest and choose your favorite shades.

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