This spring you can dream away in a relaxing nook that will make you appreciate more the days you spend at home. Make a nook that suits your personality, add your favorite items, use calm colors and also pick comfortable items to make it. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you:


1. Terrace nook

Get a lounge chair for the corner of you balcony and arrange the space to look like an exotic beach. You can also add green plants that look like palm trees and a cool Moroccan rug.

2. The neutral mood

Pair one or two mattresses together to create the most comfortable and relaxing space for your home. Add also cute posters and a mix of printed pillow for a bohemian scenario.

3. Furry afternoon

This rustic scenario looks really relaxing. Start by adding a furry cover and some colorful pillows and make your cozy nook. Then, add small chairs, beautiful flowers and some fascinating books for you to read in your free time.

4. Dreaming of palm trees

Picking white for your dreamy nook will make an interior more spacious or full of light. Add also a furry cover for the chairs or small sofa for your nook and some dreamy green branches.

5. Moroccan nook

The Moroccan look is the perfect style for a dreamy nook by the pool. Use beautiful big trees, printed covers and pillows to make the perfect relaxation corner.

6. Boho nook

This is the perfect nook for nature lovers. Everything about this makes you think about an exotic jungle and the brown comfortable chair goes great with these elements.

7. Spring blooms

Decorate you dreamy nook with spring branches of bloomed flowers and so, add color to this space. Match them with neutral furniture and your favorite books and magazines.

8. Eclectic style nook

When you combine some raffia elements, with a bold colored chairs, some fun pillows and a dreamy table you get and eclectic nook that’s’ perfect for reading the newest books.

9. Lights up!

This is the perfect nook for a home with big windows. Add and elegant and comfortable armchair and cover it with a cozy blanket. Add also some cool plants and an industrial lamp.

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