Being obsessed this summer with Greenery, nature and plants we tough about eight relaxing spaces that will make your home look like an exotic space. Here are the top suggestions for you, so start dreaming about them!

1. Bring me to an island

Add a big vase with exotic leaves on a cabinet of your home. This corner of your house will instantly capture a tropical island vibe and you can math it the best with some neutral furniture and deco items.

2. Paradise, every time she closed her eyes

Big trees are really popular this season so add them everywhere, even in your bedroom and imagine you’re in an island that looks like paradise.

3. Tropical mood

Pick a day bed for your tropical corner and choose a free day home to sit, relax and catch up on your reading. No need for a nature escape if your home looks like this.

4. The reading corner

Pick a classy armchair in a neutral color and mix it with lots of green plants in different sizes. You will feel like in a botanical garden and you will have that calm vibe that’s perfect for reading books.

5. Boho times

Pair a velvet sofa with patterned deco items and the coolest and most exotic plants you can find you will create the perfect space for you and your friends to hang out during the summer.

6. The botanical garden

Mix and math ethno inspired deco items with lots of green plants. Pick a relaxing and round chair to sit on and dream and imagine you’re in a beautiful botanical garden.

7. Dreaming of nature

Create your own jungle in your living room by adding different sorts of exotic plants. Match them with pillows with creative prints and golden items for a more luxurious vibe.

8. Sweet dreams

Match your sheets and pillows with a dreamy green and big plant you can place next to your bed. The whole room will feel more relaxing and you will breathe a fresher air.

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