Now that the cold weather is finally here you can relax and enjoy a nice, long and hot bath.

I’ve gathered some bathroom inspiration that will make you daydream and never want to leave. So get your favourite mask, a cup of tea or a glass of wine and bask in the glory of these bathrooms.




I dare you to take a bath in such a bathroom! This gorgeous piece with large windows and pastel hues looks like an outdoor jacuzzi and the flower wallpaper make it look vintage. Just splendid!



A bathroom straight from and art gallery. Very elegant with just a hint of gold to put the whole picture together.I’d love to just sit and stare at that wallpaper the whole day. Wouldn’t you?


Another delightful bathroom is this powder pink one decorated with little white flowers that give it the most personal of touches. This is the perfect feminine bathroom!

If you want a bit of color but you don’t want to overpower it go for a light powdery blue with white accents. Also, for a great effect try using an old bookcase painted in the accent color.  It will impress your guests.


Which one is your absolute fave?



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