These cool mid century bedrooms seem to get cooler and cooler. With a vintage vibe and veeery versatile, these bedrooms can fit any kind of home and can reflect the cold season perfectly. So, get inspired by the beautiful and classy ’50 decade and start decorating your fancy bedroom:

1. Fall days

Pick a minimal bed frame in a neural color and enjoy the relaxing vibe this bedroom will give you. For a cozier vibe add a furry cover and to make everything cute, decorate the room with minimal objects that match the style of the bed.

2. The neutral bench

Decorate your fancy bedroom with a cute bench with a vintage vibe. Add also a printed rug in the ’50 vibe and pick a neutral bed with a big frame that’s perfect for this kind of space!

3. Green moments

Pick a mid century bed in a classy color like this beautiful green. This piece will add personality to the space and it will be perfect paired with green plants and neutral deco objects.

4. Vintage feeling

Pick a classic bed and surround it with vintage accents to create the perfect mid century bedroom. Choose a fancy cabinet, a printed rug and a cool lamp and just enjoy this beautiful room!

5. Calm vibes

Make a classic mid century bedroom shine by adding an oversized framed picture showing abstract art. You can also add a gallery wall in a corner of the room and make everything really artsy and gorgeous!

6. The master suite

This splendid mid century bedroom has a master suite vibe that I really love. So, pick a statement mirror, an oversized bed frame, a bench and a gorgeous lamp that will make this space more attractive than ever!

7. Retro mood

Mix a colorful gallery wall with bed covers in happy prints and create the perfect retro space. Don’t forget to add a classy bed and a unique nightstand that will match the whole creative vibe of the room.

8. Farmhouse touch

This mid century bedroom with a farmhouse vibe is perfect for a vacation home or a country chic house. So, pick a wooden bed, a rocking chair and matching furniture all in a mid century design of course. Don’t forget the green plants and the neutral deco items!

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